The practice of vegetarianism is upheld as the ideal diet for monks, nuns, and Elders, but all are permitted to consume meat provided it adheres to the three following rules:

1. Monks/nuns may not witness the killing of the animal.
2. Monks/nuns may not hear the sound of the killing of the animal.
3. Monks/nuns may not consume the animal if it was killed for them.

The third rule is relaxed if there is danger of the monk or mun starving to death because of no other food source being available to him/her.

The above rules are only for Monastics and do not apply to Householders or Lay-monks/nuns although some from the latter have adopted them for personal use a part of their practice of the Twelve Virtues (for example, the 5th, 7th and 10th of the Virtues) and the Fourth Precept of the Ten Jade Precepts (for example, the 5th Precept) and the traditional Five Precepts (for example, the 1st Precept).

Most non-vegetarians of the Monijiao school refrain from consuming meats during the traditional Sunday and Monday fasts and during new moon and full moon days.