The Deep Ocean of the World

Mara has caused so much corruption in the world among religious leaders, political leaders and others that would normally be trusted, that the world has lost faith and developed a great deal of disappointment, dissatisfaction and overall non-trust in just about everything. What people used to believe or hold dear now seems, at least in their eyes, no longer authentic and a waste of time, so they develop what we might refer to as the “mind monkey”, meaning an uncontrollable confusion and never being settled.

People have a basic need to believe something and hold on to something to at least be a little more comfortable with their existence in the world, so they will adopt all sorts of fanciful ideas and mental concoctions thereby taking comfort in their own delusional fantasies.

Some people become so deeply embroiled in conspiracy theories, quack science, and ridiculous religious ideals and fanaticism that these things become attachments, serving as obstacles to finding liberation.

“The deep ocean is the world that entices humanity to all sorts of evils and is full of darkness.” (Elucidation on the Teaching of Buddha Amitabha 5.5)

Our witnessing of these types of strange behaviors among people today should cause us to have deep sadness and great compassion for those who have fallen victim to Mara’s enticements; but if we permit it, it can cause us to weaken in our own faith and practice. The Supreme Buddha has said, “Do not permit the evil within others to diminish the good within yourself.” (Elucidation on the Teaching of Buddha Amitabha 23.2)

How grateful His disciples are to have such a light house of truth which is for our own safety. “One can better cope with the challenges of life and the chaos of the world by faithfully walking in the Light of Shangdi – for what He has said is the teaching of truth which I have brought to you; it is like a light house brightly shining upon the deep ocean signaling for you so you may find the other shore.” (Elucidation on the Teaching of Buddha Amitabha 3.7)

“O Bhagavan, You are the hope of the world, strengthen our hope.” (From the Mantra to the Living Spirit)

Originally posted by Tenzin Bhikkhu