Ten Ways to Cultivate Kindness

There are many ways to help others whenever the opportunity presents itself. These can be simplified into the following ten important categories.

1) Supporting the practice of kindness
2) Harboring love and respect
3) Helping others succeed in practicing goodness
4) Persuading others to practice kindness
5) Helping those in desperate need
6) Developing public projects for the greater benefit of the people
7) Practice merits by giving through donation
8) Protecting and maintaining proper teaching
9) Respecting our elders
10) Love and cherishing all living beings

We need to be pleased about other’s virtuous deeds and not be jealous or hinder them in any way. Instead, we should do everything possible to help them when the right opportunity arises. Because there are so many kinds of virtuous conduct that can be accomplished, they have been summaries into ten categories.*

Quotes from the Elucidation on the Teaching of Amitabha Buddha

“Extend kindness to all peoples, regardless of their beliefs.”

“If you learn only one thing in your life, let that one thing be loving kindness. Develop a heart of compassion, grace and loving kindness for all souls and you will begin to find true happiness and peace. May each of you spread loving-kindness to all sentient beings without bias. Spread loving-kindness to everyone.”

“Kindness is an outward expression of an awakened mind. Kindness should always be viewed as an obligation. Like a mirror that reflects the sun upon the wall, reflect on everyone the kindness others show you. Share loving kindness with others as freely as the snows fall upon the highest mountain tops.”

“If you love your ego more than other people, you will end up
being a very lonely person.”

“Love of lineage over compassion is like filling a cup with muddy water and trying to pass it off as a refreshing drink.”

“When you come to know what selfless service is, you will have understanding of love.”

Ajahn Jyoti Said…

“Generate loving kindness for all living beings; be grateful for all that you have and when possible, demonstrate your loving kindness by sharing with those who are less fortunate and in need.”

* Liao Fan’s Four Lessons: Changing Destiny

Originally posted by Tenzin Bhikkhu