Are We Willing to Abandon Preconceptions?

When one approaches Buddhism with an unwillingness to abandon preconceptions, disappointment is sure to follow. Monijiao, or as it is translated “Religion of Light”, is ancient and adheres to divinely revealed teachings and practices. If one reads about Monijiao and what it teaches, believes or practices from a source other than authorized teachers of the religion, one will arrive at nothing more than false claims, conjecture and wrong ideas.

In the Elucidation on the Sutra of the Teaching of Amitabha Buddha, we read: “Assume nothing, presume nothing. Take hold of the Truth and the Light as it is. When you learn this you will find peace.”

The Monijiao school of Buddhism does not mold itself around the personal desires of anyone. This is why it is important when learning about the Religion of Light espoused for thousands of years, to abandon all preconceptions and assumptions. When we drop our assumptions and are willing to learn with an open mind, not clinging to the ego, we can have a beautiful and joyful experience which then affords us the opportunity to gain wisdom and Right Thinking, resulting in admirable and auspicious actions from our hearts, speech and hands.

May all living beings be at ease with the Truth and the Light as it is, without elevating the ego with preconceptions.

By Tenzin Bikkhu