Monijiao is an all inclusive Buddhist school with roots going back as far as the 200’s C.E. In modern times it has within it the various expressions of Buddhist-Daoist faith from different cultures and traditions. Today one finds Chinese, Tibetan, Japanese and other cultures in the daily practices.

The word “Monijiao” (摩尼教) is Chinese and means “Teaching of Light.” Monijiao and Mingjiao are terms used to designate disciples of Buddha Moni the Bringer of Light (Moni Guangfo Ming Shi) in China and other areas of the world. This site’s main goal is to publish articles, for the purpose of spreading the Teaching of Light in the Western Hemisphere.

This Web site presents the history and an examination of the principles of Monijiao as it was practiced in ancient times and according to how it has developed in the modern age, true to its roots. Monijiao is a religious and cultural expression of an ancient tradition of China, and as such it incorporates the values, elements and imagery of both Buddhism (Chinese Pure Land) and Daoism (道教). The Monijiao Association does not promote what might be termed as “philosophical Buddhism”, “popular Western Taoism” (or imagined Western Taoism) since these are not connected to our Buddhist Daoist heritage.

Monijiao (Mingjiao) Buddhism focuses on Amitabha Buddha the Supreme Buddha of Infinite Light and His emanation, Buddha Moni.