Dhammapada Chapter 14

The Buddha
179 He whose conquest is not conquered again, into whose conquest no one in this world enters, by what track can you lead him, the Awakened, the Omniscient, the trackless?
180 He whom no desire with its snares and poisons can lead astray, by what track can you lead him, the Awakened, the Omniscient, the trackless?
181 Even the celestial beings praise those who are awakened and not forgetful, who are given to meditation, who are wise, and who delight in the repose of retirement from the world.
182 Difficult to obtain is the conception of men, difficult is the life of mortals, difficult is the hearing of the True Law, difficult is the birth of the Awakened.*
183 Not to commit any sin, to do good, and to purify one’s mind, that is the teaching of all the Buddhas.

184 The Awakened call patience the highest penance, long-suffering the highest Nirvana; for he is not a holy pilgrim who strikes others, he is not a holy ascetic who insults others.
185 Not to blame, not to strike, to live in observance of the True Law, to be moderate in eating, to sleep and sit alone, and to dwell on the highest thoughts,—this is the teaching of the Awakened.
186 There is no satisfying lusts, even by a shower of gold pieces; he who knows that lusts have a short taste and cause pain, he is wise;
187 Even in heavenly pleasures he finds no satisfaction, the disciple who is fully awakened delights only in the destruction of all desires.
188 Men, driven by fear, go to many a refuge, to mountains and forests, to groves and sacred trees.
189 But that is not a safe refuge, that is not the best refuge; a man is not delivered from all pains after having gone to that refuge.
190 He who takes refuge with the Wise Lord, the True Law, and the Blessed Community; he who, with clear understanding, sees the four holy truths:—
191 That is: pain, the origin of pain, the destruction of pain, and the eightfold holy way that leads to the quieting of pain;—
192 That is the safe refuge, that is the best refuge; having gone to that refuge, a man is delivered from all pain.
193 A supernatural person, such as a Buddha, is not easily found, he is not born everywhere. Wherever such a sage is born, his people prosper.
194 Happy is the arising of the awakened, happy is the teaching of the True Law, happy is peace in the community, happy is the devotion of those who are at peace.
195, 196 He who pays homage to those who deserve homage, whether to the Buddhas or to their disciples, those who have overcome many evils, and crossed the flood of sorrow, he who pays homage to such as have found deliverance and know no fear, his merit can never be measured by anybody.

* the attainment of Buddhahood

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